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Hybrid Chestnut

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This Mid-story tree is a cross between American and Chinese chestnut varieties. Growing at a moderate speed, they will reach heights of 40'-60' with a similar spread. 

Although not  necessarily a native species, these hybrids are resistant to many issues facing our American chestnut. These would be a great addition to anyone with long term food forest goals in mind. Edible nuts for both people and livestock make this an excellent choice for any permaculture minded land owner.

These specimens are approximately a 3 gallon size, container grown canopy tree. Although available year round, we suggest only planting when the threat of overnight freezes are gone and daytime temperatures are below 90 F. 

-Size categories are approximate, please contact if an exact height is required for your needs.

- Shipping includes hand delivery within 30 min of the farm, area shown by the map image.

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