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Hi, I'm the Lazy Gardener

My name is Stephen and I have a passion for helping people produce food for themselves. This passion started with an agriculture degree from Purdue University and has lead me to the wonderful world of Permaculture. 

My dream is to help create edible food producing ecosystems where people are. If we can maximize production at every scale, our own food security can be a reality. 

I believe my purpose is to help as many people as possible to reach this goal. I want to put an end to food deserts and to help in the creation of more and more connections in our human food web.

Maximize self-production, Source locally, Eat healthy!

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I have a degree in Agricultural Systems Management with a focus on Food and Agribusiness Management.

I have spent over seven years working with domesticated animal husbandry as well as almost three years in viticulture.

Aside from my home garden/farm, I help manage a small vineyard in West Central Indiana.


In West Central Indiana, Hendricks County is home to Quarter Acre Farm as well as myself and my two Australian Cattle Dogs, Ginger and Wrigley. 

Raised in the small town of North Salem, this was the perfect place to begin producing food for myself and the greater community. 

Situated on a quarter acre, we sit just on the edge of this small rural Indiana town.

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