Quarter Acre Farms

Quarter Acre Rabbitry

We are a small central Indiana rabbitry specializing in Silver Fox Rabbits.

Our Rabbitry

Pet Rabbits

The Silver Fox rabbit makes for an excellent pet due to its calm attitude and general laid back temperament. 

Show Rabbits

We do not currently have any stock actively showing, but we always strive to breed towards the ARBA standard for Silver Fox.

Meat Rabbits

Any size homestead would benefit from the addition of meat rabbits. The Silver Fox rabbit is a great choice for a meat breed. they put on weight quickly, have larger litters, and tend to be good mothers.

Reserve/ Request 

Let us know if you would like to request a rabbit from a specific litter or reserve a bunny from an upcoming litter. Please include the parent's names, sex, and color of the rabbit(s) you would like. 

Kits under 6 weeks old:

Reserve by color or gender - $25 each

Reserve by color and gender - $30 each

Bunnies 6 weeks to 6 Months old: $40 each

Rabbits 6 months and older: $55 each

Breeding Pair: $100

Breeding Trio: $135

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